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MAKE US SAINTS CD Available now!!

A compact disc, available now, containing a collection of songs based on the prayers of Bishop G. Giaquinta, founder of Pro-Sanctity. The texts are based on the English translation of his writings as published in Prayers. The song, Brotherhood, was written by Joan Kash and arranged by Joy McCurley. The song, True Love, was written by Joy McCurley. All other songs were written and arranged by Stephen Tefft.

Many thanks to Tom at Tesco Productions for his words of encouragement and technical expertise during the recording and mixing process. We highly recommend him and his company.

God Bless you and as always, we humbly beg for your prayers and support.


CD's are available at ...

Online at Amazon.com cover-sml-blk

Cosgrave Church Goods located in Omaha NE at 8222 H St (ph: 402-593-8000)

Parables located in Omaha NE at 114th & Dodge Street (ph: 402-333-5570) in their "Local Artists" section.

Seton Library Bookstore located in St. Margaret Mary's Church in Omaha NE at 60th & Dodge Street (ph: 402-558-2255)

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(Still) IN THE WORKS ....

April 2001
We are working to make printed sheet music available for all of Cor Sanctum's and much of Stephen Tefft's works. The cost of this service will be minimal to keep it affordable (and desirable). We will post more info when we are ready to fulfill (the avalanche of) requests. ;-)


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