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Cor Sanctum at Saint Bonaventure Church in Columbus, NE

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What does Cor Sanctum mean?
Cor Sanctum is latin for Sacred Heart, which is one of the titles for Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

How did Cor Sanctum meet?
We met in a small log cabin somewhere in Iowa. It was in the middle of a snow storm. Stephen, Jen and Gregg had been on vacation when the snow became too heavy too drive in. Of course, Greggg being a guy, had driven longer than he should have and was not able to see the road signs clearly as the snow coming down had severely hampered visibility and had become quite slippery. They got off on an unmarked side-road and stopped at the first lighted structure they could get to. By some great coincidence, Joy had been driving home after visiting relatives in northern Iowa. She frequently stopped at this particular cabin when passing through the area for a short rest and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. We still find it amazing recalling how we "bumped into" David. He is quite a character. He had recently custom-built an ultra-light with special extra-large fuel tanks for an associate of his. He wanted to be sure it was safe and reliable so he decided to give it a good trial run. He could hardly wait to try it out. The first 100-200 miles went wonderfully. He did several landings and take-offs to be sure the frame was strong. He was having so much fun he hadn't realized, that since the sun had gone down, the strong winds he had been struggling against, contained snow in them. He then chose the wise thing and looked for a safe place to land and wait for the storm to pass over. The place he chose was, as you would guess, the same cabin we were at. The storm lasted several more hours. In that time many games of Hearts, Spades and Gin Rummy had been played and many stories shared. It turned out to be the beginning of who we are as a group today. *

Why is the band named Cor Sanctum?
As Catholics, the band members are very devoted to God and His Church. We wanted a name that would help promote devotion to the Lord.

How would you describe the music Cor Sanctum plays?
Cor Sanctum plays original, acoustic, Catholic praise music. We have quiet, meditative songs and clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the Lord, songs.

Other than the CD, what else can I buy from Cor Sanctum?
We offer a variety of homemade souveniers like key chains, magnets, window clings, and prayer cards, all of which sport the Cor Sanctum logo... a picture of the Sacred Heart. You can also purchase copies of Stephen's other homemade tapes. Just email us with your order. "Ask and you shall recieve..."

How many instruments is Joy able to play?
(we'll ask her to get a current count)

What kind of nurse is Jen and what does she do?
Jen is a registered nurse working in OB/GYN at the Pope Paul VI Institute ... www.popepaulvi.com , a high-risk OB clinic and NaProTechnology research center

What does David the Agent Guy do at performances?
Well, he does agent-guy kind of things, of course. *

What kind of guitars does Stephen use?
On the CD, you can hear an Alvarez and an Epiphone, as well as a Hohner. Stephen's is not a detail or technologically oriented mind and he cannot ever remember exactly what model #'s each guitar is.

How many songs has Stephen written?
Stephen just recently wrote his 401st song. It is called A Simple Hello and is about how we make a difference in people's lives, whether we know it or not.

Who is the priest often pictured with the band?
A good friend, Fr. Carl Zoucha, ... who is an assistant pastor at a church in Fremont NE USA.

Why are there not more pictures on the website?
It takes time to add to the site. We lack the aforementioned commodity right now.

What is the story on the picture of Our Lady on the CD?
See the website Pro Sanctity ... www.prosanctity.org for more info.

Who are Stephen's influences, musically?
Stephen grew up listening to John Denver; Johnny Mathis; the Saint Louis Jesuits; the St. Cecilia's Church Choir; his grandfather, Aron Anderson; and later Paul Simon. He listens to a wide variety of music, mostly accoustic. Right now he seems pretty interested in bluegrass.

How many G's does Gregggg typically use in his name?
I don't know what you're talking about. *

Which of Stephen's songs are the favorites of Cor Sanctum?
One of Stephen's favorites is Would She Smile? which will, hopefully, be on the next recording project.

* -- Humor

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