Song-a-week IX

Help My Unbelief

I need to stop reading the news. Especially anything political. It’s just too darn depressing… One could easily get overwhelmed with all the bad news that’s published over and over. Murder, theft, attacks, anarchy, coruption… Where’s the good news?

Take this story, and the many variations of it out on the web. Read the many comments and Despair, ye people! What to take away from this? I’m apalled by the downright meanness of people. It sickens me that a so-called anti-bullying advocate could bully people in such a manner and be praised by so many for it. It’s also sad, on so many levels, that we even need anti-bullying advocates.

However, just as I was sitting down to write this post, I had a revelation. I’m looking at it the wrong way… Reflect instead on the hundred or so students displaying amazing courage to stand up to the unjust societal norms, the derision and ridicule of their peers and classmates, and quietly walk away from the foulmouthed jerk. Would I have had that kind of courage in high school? Do I have that kind of courage today?

I wrote a bit about courage here. I watch movies about heroes and read about the martyrs and I like to think I’d have the conviction and personal bravery to do what’s right… But I don’t know. I tend to get caught up in my failures and failings. I get bogged down in all the bad news and suddenly it’s all “poor me!” I need to refocus my thoughts and attitudes to see not the darkness but the coming dawn. Lord Jesus, quickly come!

HELP MY UNBELIEF                  (Tefft)

1)         Do not fear, the Lord has said. / But I just cannot make this stick within my heart and head. / I must admit that I still fear. / When I try to hold to peace the whole world interferes.

 Chorus:            Why am I afraid if He is with me? / Why am I afraid of what may be? / Why is it my faith is incomplete? / Lord, You know that I believe… / Help my unbelief.

 2)         I know He heals with but a word. / I’m listening so hard but it seems nothing’s ever heard. / I know that I should learn to trust / But the whole world is against me and I can’t seem to adjust.

 3)         Do not fear, the Holy Father said. / Our Savior is beside us always, heaven’s just ahead. / But still I find it difficult to hope. / And it’s so hard to see God at the end of my poor rope!

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