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Who Are We?

Joy McCurley

Joy grew up in Woodbine, Iowa. Her parents were very musical. Her childhood was filled with the singing of church hymns and John Denver songs with her family. Joy learned to read music at a very early age and began formal piano lessons at age 8. She picked up various other instruments along the way, including recorder and oboe. She even learned to play some of these.

It was originally through the study of Ancient and Medieval music that she learned the music of the Catholic mass in chant. She became fascinated by early Church music and continued to study its history. Joy lived in Germany for 1 year as a nanny, seeing first-hand some of the history of the Church. She returned to the US in the Fall of 1994. She continued her study in the Faith and entered the Catholic Church in 1997.

Joy became involved with the Pro Sanctity Movement in 1998. Through her participation in different Pro Sanctity activities, she got to know the rest of the Cor Sanctum group. Joy has aspirations to learn to play other musical instruments.

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